What Got You Into Hog Hunting?

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Awesome, that sounds like fun.
Hey, I'm rather New here and New to hog hunting? I was just wondering what got everyone interested in the wonderful hobby? What type of equipment did you start out with? I'm currently using my Deer rifles and I have a couple of ground blinds. I've been mostly doing the stalking thing; getting use to the public land.
I enjoy spending time with my game dogs. Hogs provide joy for my game dog spending time with me.
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I got into hog hunting for a few reasons. The biggest is hunting at night when it is cooler. Hunting hogs is like dating my EX-wife, put on camo sit by myself in the dark waiting to hear her squeal face down in a pile of corn.
So are you using NVG or Thermal for those hunts?
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Lack of turkeys on my property and gives me something to do during the winter.
Spin feeder, deer rifle and layers of clothes.
I enjoy Turkey hunting myself.

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We don't always have hogs on our club but they will pass through and stay for a month or 2.
When leavin the deer feeder out became legal durin deer season we left it out. The pig sounder found it and would eat from dusk till corn was gone. So we stayed till dusky dark one time after deer hunting and shot 1 right at dark, bout an 80ish pound sow. We brought it to the processor and had all breakfast sausage made. It was DELICIOUS!!
So that's how it started.
Now we been huntin em the same way but we use the motion sensor green lights that work great for us. We hunt them any time of year whenever we want one we just go start a bait under the green lights for a week or so. If they're around the area they'll fall for it every time. If the pigs aren't around we'll walk the club and look for sign or just wait a month or so till they come around.
Now we process them ourselves, usually keeping both boston butts for the smoker, we grind everything else and make breakfast links or keilbasas. They're very good!
THIS RIGHT HERE is what got me into hog hunting... my home is on the land I hunt, and finding new spots like this every time I cut lanes/fields made me eager to get at them (ESPECIALLY after paying for a box blade repair or two after hitting rooted spots).

Caught one of in the act and made her pay... actually turned out to be 9 killed with the one shot, making me all the more glad I took het out.

This has definitely been a contributing factor in my continued hunting of them.

Shoot more on sight than I've trapped, but did have one decent night when I used a trap door pen to get 5 at one time... actually had a pull cord run from the pen door to my parked boat about 100 yards away that let me drop the door at the time of my choosing.

Few more shots of harvests...


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Growing up my parents never hunted, even though it seemed all my uncles on both sides did…….my mom did take me fishing. But lucky for me, A neighbor kid I went to high school with, lived with his mom and step dad. He had guns and a pit/cur dog named spike……spike was a bad dude and a sweetheart all in one. My friend Clint took me with him and Spike, when he started driving and got his first truck…….it was a gold freshly painted ‘63 Chevy with 3 on the tree.
First time I went we walked for miles and nothing til on the way back. We heard spike barking and Clint said “he’s got one!” We ran to him and in a small clearing, Spike was latched on a big ole boar. Clint raised the .22 lr he had and put one in the pigs forehead…..dropped that pig in its tracks! I hope I never forget that day as it had an enormous impact on my life. I have a phot of that pig in the back of the truck somewhere I need to find it.
Post that up if you find it, that’s a great story!


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I’ll never forget the first time I ran into them. Sitting on Georgia WMA during rifle season early November time frame and I had a sounder messing around down the mountain from me. I could hear them in the thicket rustling and a few low snorts. At first I thought it was a buck grunting and chasing around a doe. As they got closer i realized what it was and I remember being amazed at how loud they were just raising heck rooting up the mountain side. I just remember shaking and being fired up real bad with that adrenaline pump and trying to get steady….they move around a lot. Ended up flinging one and hit a limb…missed. I probably ran into them five or six more times on that place the rest of that season and ended up dropping a couple. First one I killed was about a week later that year, 15 yards from the ground. I heard em again and this time I climbed down and stalked in real close. Died in an absolute hole of a creek bottom and it took me and a buddy half the night to get it out. Those things still fire me up to this day and I hope I never lose that feeling. Since then I’ve killed a few at night as well…it’s a whole different kind of experience hearing hogs squealing and fighting splashing around in a swamp in the dark.
I started a few years ago to hold me over before and after deer hunting. Use a .22 mag mostly in small game, and centerfires when legal seasons allow, gonna be chasing them with a bow any day now once my wife and I finish recovering fully from Covid. They are great stalking practice, good eating, and just fun to hunt.
I love hog hunting because of they are usually either spot or stalk, or stand hunting and you get to hear them before you see them. When you hear that crack of a twig then the tell tale grunt,your heart jumps up and you are hooked. i got to see my dad kill his first from several hundred yards away and seeing him get his first, it just pushed me that much harder. night hunting walking in moonlight only and trying to fins them is always fun.