What is it made of FL point


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Looks like pinhead coral to me, but I don't know FL material very well. Son can tell you much better than I can. All I know is that it's a beautiful point.
Vibroplex original, chrome, name engraved. Nr 229137, bought it while in Morocco.
Thanks for the compliment. I'm just an old fast code guy, even my trucks license plate has DIT on it. lol ...still have it hooked up to an oscillator because I enjoy playing with it now and then. Once you know Morse code, you never forget it. That bug worked at a major communications station in Morocco 61-62, working ship/shore for the fleet. Then again on the USS Intrepid CVS-11, and aircraft carrier 62-64. Obsolete these days, sort like us old dudes.


I've found a few points of that same stone from Citrus co, over near 480 think that's the road. Been many years. Used to know a few sites around old sink holes that a game warden showed me in the early 70's.