What is the Best 10 mm to buy?


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Well I guess it would depend on if you want a 1911 style pistol or something else I have a STI perfect ten and it was way more than that and I also have two Glock mod 20 and they were way less most of the guys from what I see on here buy the Glock Hunter


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I had a g20 wanted a upgraded grip and a red dot. Went with the sig p220 elite hunter. Love it so far,

My understanding is Sig has dropped a lot of .10mm offerings now just a few. But they make some awesome stuff.
Big fan of 10mm, I have a Glock 20, Glock 20sf, Springfield XDM 10 and Ruger GP 100. Which one is my first choice ? Depends on the day of the week. How do I carry the pistols ? Chest rig when hunting, for street carry a Alien Glock carry holster with different shells for each pistol.

If for hunting exclusively - G40

If dual purpose - G20

Nothing wrong with many of the others, but I just like the fact that Glocks go "bang" almost every time you pull the trigger and (in my experience) they shoot where you aim them!

Also - Get the most out of the 10mm - don't waste your money on loads that are about the same as a 40 S&W.

Some 10mm ammo is seriously powerful and is QUALITY hunting ammo.

Most is just overpriced, and slightly longer, 40 caliber self defense loads.
I am in the market for a 10 mm but I can't decide which one to get, Glock, Ruger or other? I don't know anyone here with a 10 mm so I don't have a chance to shoot one and try it out. I would appreciate it if anyone on here could offer their recommendations. I currently shoot 45's, 357 mag. and 44 mag. so recoil is not problem.
I have a Glock 20 and a Delta Elite. I like both of them. They both go bang every time I pull the trigger. They are both accurate enough, though the Delta is much more accurate.
You need to handload for it because vast majority of factory ammo is neutered.
I have been a fan of the 10mm ever since it first came out and have probably shot or owned about all the 10mm platforms including the Bren 10. By far my favorite is the springfield Omega. Top velocity, best accuracy and controllable recoil in a longslide factory ported 1911. If you can find/afford one you will never regret it. I let mine go to a friend that offered me over double what I paid for it. Still kick myself for letting it go.

I normally hunt with a 45Winmag but I also use a gen1 glock20 that is a sweet shooter. The glock is what I carry on security details. Nothing like the warm secure feeling of 15 rounds of shonuff 10mm with 2 more mags to back that up.

What others have said is very true. You can have loads that are almost 41 magnum power or some that are a glorified 40SW. With the vast selection of 10mm bullets available, reloading opens up a whole lot of power in a small package.


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I have had a bunch of different 10mms in revolver and autos. My favorites are still the 1911 platforms. Your budget would help determine which to go with. I have had bad luck with RIA and Kimber. I would look at the Springfield Ronin in 10mm if I were buying a new one and I probably will. Dang you. I am telling my wife it is your fault
Depends on what you are using it for. Lots of very nice pistols recommended above. I carry a 10mm in the backcountry when in Grizzly territory, and bought the Springfield XDM 4.5 over the Glock 20 due to preferring the grip, as well as that it comes with a fully supported chamber for shooting hard cast bullets, vs the Glock you have to buy an aftermarket barrel like a KKM or LoneWolf.
I shoot my Glock 20 better than anything I've tried. The recoil seems a little softer or muted with the Glock.
Whatever happened to the S&W 10mm ? I thought that was a really cool stainless gun. Good Luck