What is the one "newer" Cartridge that you thought was cool but did not quite catch on?

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I always thought the 338 Marlin express was a cool cartridge. I never owned one. I may look for one in the future. I thought for sure it would be more popular than it turned out to be.
Ol' Chuck Hawks liked it to I believe.


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The 284 Winchester. It was way out in front of the pack.

Short action rebated rim that out performs most long action cartridges.

It was the leader in short mag performance. Winchester chose to market only in their Model 88 and 100 rifles for too long. Remington did similar with the .280.

It's superior to the 7-08 that was introduced almost twenty years later, but marketed in proven popular platforms.

More recently the 6.8 SPC should have a stronger following. It suffered from many of the same maladies as the 6mm Rem with an early poor twist rate, the .280 with lower pressure specs until the spec II chamber was introduced.

I always wanted one of the major players to bring the cartridge to market in a spec II lightweight turnbolt. I'm sure the odd sized bolt face had a cost prohibiting factor that kept us from seeing more of them.

Like a .223 chambered one, an 18" Model Seven in 6.8 Spec II would make an excellent pairing with your AR. With today's modern bullets would be an effective easy shooting choice for any age group to enjoy in the woods.


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I didn’t buy one, but I still think the .30 Remington AR is a cool round. Not saying it’s perfect, but it seems they just missed the marketing on it. If .350 L, .300 BO, 6.5 G can make it, seem the .30 would have had legs.
Remington missed the boat on several cartridges. They could have had major hits with the 6mm and 280 too if they played it right.

They have a knack for finding a way to doom their own cartridges.


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Marlin 308 express is also a awesome round in a lever gun, love mine .Ive been wanting a marlin 338 express to go with it Finding ammo for either one would be a challenge right now


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The Rem. 280 is one that comes to mind. I have liked and wanted a 280 for years but haven't been able to find a 700 BDL at the right price. I bought dies and brass as I ran across them. One day I will have one.

Another is one that it seems the sun has already set on. The sweet little 222 Rem. I have been wanting one for the past 10 or so years just can't find one or at a price I want to pay. I once thought they had no use, but now I would love to have one just to carry around and shoot for fun, just a little more than the 22 mag.😊

Another is the 17 Mack 2. To me it looks like a great squirrel round. If I run across one I will buy it.
I had a 25WSSM and a 223WSSM both were great deer rifles but it got to where I could not find any ammo for them. I ended up selling them both. A few weeks ago I was at the local gun store and they were basically out of ammo except they had some of both 223WSSM and 25WSSM. Couldn't find any when other ammo was in good supply but when everything else is gone all the sudden it shows up.
Remington missed the boat on several cartridges. They could have had major hits with the 6mm and 280 too if they played it right.

They have a knack for finding a way to doom their own cartridges.
+1 on the 6mm. They really missed the boat on that cartridge. It should have been bigger than the .243 Winchester.


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.17 Fireball. And the WSSM family of cartridges.
I STILL have people tell me that I should have gone with the 6.8 SPC over Grendel. Then I hear the same arguments as to why they’re better and that there’s a military contract and they are the future standard issue caliber...
338 Federal
Yep that .338 Federal is a beast with comparable energy of a 7mag except in a in an efficient short action .308win based cartridge, and does it without the muzzle blast and recoil of the magnum. Much more economical than dumping magnum powder charges and really efficient. Since it shares the bolt head with the .308Win and 30-06 parent cases (while exceeding their energy numbers) it's also a perfect candidate for Savage "kitchen table" barrel swaps. I really thought it would have caught on better than it did.


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I would like to have a 338 Federal also. Haven't found one in a configuration that I liked yet. Ruger came close in the #1 but I dont like the barrel on the AB model.