What is this grass? Deer like it.

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A guy I work with is hunting this new property, and he said the landowner planted this recently. He said the deer love it. Looks kind of like rescue except it grows in small clumps. Any idea the exact type? Screenshot_2020-10-26-14-30-28.png Screenshot_2020-10-26-14-30-19.png


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Looks like oats, but not sure?

Sure would like to know how he planted it? Doesn't look like it was broadcast or drilled in.

In the top picture, I see 4 or 5 leaves nibbled on, so I wouldn't say the deer love it, unless there is more eating going on, in a different spot? Hmmmmm
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I talked with him again yesterday. He said he and his grandson watched 9 does yesterday eve come out in it. He said the same thing he did last week, which is they would pull up an entire clump and just stand there chomping on it. He said it's not planted in rows, so it may be something that came up voluntarily. He's an old man that doesn't do much online. I told him to send me a pic or 2 and I'd get one of the gon experts to id it.
Looks kind of like annual ryegrass.


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Looks like tall fescue, rye grass typically doesnt clump like that unless 50 seeds were thrown on one spot, still darker than annual rye grass
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So have we asked the planter what kind of grass this is ? I would like to know
No. I told him the other day that y'all needed him to ask the landowner, but he said the landowner let's some guy farm it. He said he hasn't talked to that guy in 4 or 5 years. He said sometimes he plants it in corn or soybeans, but he has never seen this growing in it.


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If it is ryegrass it should grow most all winter.If it is fescue it should die back this winter unless your below the gnat line