What is your "COMFORT ZONE"???????

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I know a lot of people hunt at different heights.......

Some don't care to get to far off the ground (if ever) and some are up in the clouds......

Both of which are fine.......To each his own.....

What's your "COMFORT ZONE"?????

Mine is just about 26 - 30 feet........

After that.......

My knees get a little "shaky"..... :eek:
Bow hunting I'll go from ground to 15'

Gun hunting I'll go from ground to as high as that tree can go.

Been to 45' in some big populars & pines. That altitude is fine until the wind starts blowing! :speechles

Of course all climbing is done w/ a safety harness! :)


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24 or 25 feet with a climber

I have one stand about 36' high. I call it the sky box. A lock on. It does test my limits. mid 20's is my zone.


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Depending on the cover, but generally 20-25 ft.

If it's an open area or dead winter (no leaf cover), 30 ft.

The wind also has a lot to do with how high I hunt also.


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As high as I can get and still see. Bowhunting I tend to be lower, because of the leaves still on the trees. Heights don't really bother me.


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I have 20' of cord to pull my gun up with, and that's about my limit of feeling safe - But, with this new Summit Viper, I think I might add another 10' of cord for those places where a bit higher is appropriate...


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I have 2 12ft Tripods, an 18ft permanent, 2 20ft towers and 1 15 ft tower, so when I do use my climber (treelounge) it is in the 25ft range for me!
My cord is 20ft and I am usually pulling it up of the ground a few more feet!

Be safe!


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bow season i'm usually no higher than 15 feet. i would be above the canopy in many of the places i hunt if i got any higher. plus, your shot placement from the nose-bleed seats is a lot tougher. you're almost shooting straight down on a deer at 15 yards if you're 30 feet up a tree. at least it seems!

now, gun season i'll max out my rope, which is about 30 feet, on the edges of fields or where i need to see for a ways. all depends on where i'm at and what's around me to block my vision or shooting lanes.


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30 feet is about max for me.Unlike most of yall I hunt higher during bow season.I dont need to see,but 30 yards anyway.Heck if I only hunted 15' I'd be scared one would pick me off drawing my bow.Usually with a gun when the leaves fall and I'm hunting in the woods 20' is plenty high enough for me.

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As high as my stand can go and I can see. I have 6-15 ft ladders, a 17ft lock on, 12 ft tripod, 13 ft tripod, and climber. If I hunt the climber I usually go 45 -50 ft during gun season. I know because I use all of a 50 ft rope.
Mine is ground.I enjoy stalking,see some good trails and will sit off some yards and wait it out.

But there are a few who can master Stilness.But this is a nother thread

now that i have my Summit im comfy with up to 40feet. i like to be 25-30 feet as i bow hunt 99% of the year. Also love ground hunting with my bow.
Other than being on a field, I don't see how anyone could get more than 15 or 20' up around here. I went to 20' to 25' for years. But here much above 15' 20' and I start to lose visibility quickly.
When I was younger, THINNER, and dumber... I had a Loc-On stand in a giant old oak on the edge of a clear cut... the stand was 56' high :speechles I used to call it my religion stand,, caus I would find religion going up and down.. ::; oh,,, to "climb" this thing, the steps were old cotton spindles driven in to the tree like nails,,, They had been in the tree for so many years, less than 1" stuck out.. and at the top, I would have to grab on to the stand and swing my legs around a limb and up on the stand... man was I crazy.. But I killed 2 nice 8's out of that stand.. :D
Killed my big 11pt out of a climber on the edge of a ridge, in order to get up high enough to see down the ridge, I used a climber and stoped at 42' :speechles
Now that i'm older and thicker around the middle, 20'-25' seems to be my new comfort zone.