What is your "COMFORT ZONE"???????

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HuntinTom said:
I have 20' of cord to pull my gun up with, and that's about my limit of feeling safe - But, with this new Summit Viper, I think I might add another 10' of cord for those places where a bit higher is appropriate...

I love my viper XL. The only problem I have is getting my feet set in the straps. I bought some of those new attachments to try this year. Hope to get out soon.

I also have a shooter 2. It is my favorite stand. I had 2 tree lounges. Got tired of sleeping in them :bounce: and gave one to my grandson and another to a friend of mine.

Summit will go out of their way to help you. I have emailed them several times and they answer right away. I tried to order some new tree nuts for my stand but didn't know what size to order, they send both sizes free.

My comfort zone is to go as high as I need to, to be able to see which is usually around 25 feet where I hunt in Warren County :shoot: :shoot: :shoot:


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high as the sky

As an ol lineman, heights don't bother me. During gun season, as high in a tree as is reasonably safe, depends on the size of the tree.
When bowhunting 15' and under as the higher you go, the more judgement facter used and more difficult the shot for most folks.
But at my age now, my favorite is sitting in an easy chair in a pop-up, looking out the winders. This has really worked well for the last three years. :type:
I have a 25' hoist line tied to my climber, I usually climb until the line is almost straight but not stretched. So, minus the length that's used for the knot, I figure I'm usually around 20' or so. It all depends on the surrounding cover and the tree really though.


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20-25 ft is the ticket for me...

Below that ifeel really self conscious about my movement and my scent... as 20 ft is my bow height unless I can SEE!!! I find to take advantage of the rifle, this early I am 7-12 ft mostly so I can get the range and field of view, but it compromises the smell factor...

A couple of frosts, though and I'll be back in the 20+ft range and clear the scent barrier/FOV all in one.... a double edged sword vision/scent in the early season, but then those first cold mornings start to clear the leaves from the trees and usually there is the addition of the chase!!!! Does it get any better????