What kind of hornet / wasp is this?

I just ran over a yellow jacket next with the lawn mower a few days ago. They really hate lawn mowers.
One popped me on my ankle and my whole foot swelled up. It made me forget the poison ivy I got on my hands, lol.

Some people call the cicada killer wasps, Ground Digger Wasp.
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One summer we had a yard full of some type of Digger Wasps but they were smaller than the much larger Cicada Wasps. Their holes were closer together as well.

Just read this;
Scoliid wasps have bright yellow spots on either side of the abdomen, and can be found hovering above lawns by the dozens. They dig holes in the lawn to parasitize white grubs in the soil, or to bury other insects they have captured. They will not hurt you even if you walk among them.