What kind of sausage casing?

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What kind of sausage casing do you all recommend? Looking for something to make some venison/pork brats. I have bought some from a local supplier in a bag with a salt mixture. I dont know how much was in there but it was a ton. It was aggravating because it was so much and was always tangled up. I am looking for something with a good snap on the bite.

I am thinking of using Leggs brat seasoning. I was thinking of using a 70/30 mixture if deer/pork butt and maybe throw in some bacon for extra flavor. Any other tips are welcome. Thanks
Sheep casings are supposed to be the best, thin with a good snap.
I use the tangled hog casings you mentioned for most sausages and Boudin. I have used collagens too for certain things like crawfish boudin and smaller batches and hot dogs.. They are dry, ready to go, easy to use, they just feel like paper sometimes.
I use the hog casings for brats and Italian and such. Yep, they can be aggravating, but there isn't anything better, IMO. Sheep casings are pretty much just too small for those types of sausages, and the artificial ones are, well, artificial. You can always cut the hog casings into shorter lengths to make them easier to handle.


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Hog casings here as well. If you have trouble untangling them,they make pre-tubed ones and all you got to do is slide them on stuffing horn. They are a little more expensive.