What makes certain bows more forgiving?

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I have a hoyt katera that is set up at 30 inch draw and shoots a 417 grain VAP at 307 FPS. I am happy with the speed and the KE but it is not forgiving at all out past 50.

I know someone who has a destroyer 350 for sale and I was thinking about trying it out this year but when I look at the specs they are almost the same.

Katera 33 ATA 6 in BH
350 32 3/4 @ 6 in BH

My question is, all the reviews that I have read about the 350 says that it is pretty forgiving at 50+ but I know my Katera is not. Why is that? Could it be that the 350 has more parrell limbs and has an affect on string angle?

If I get the 350 I will probably drop down to 29 inch.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
I personally don't think certain bows are that much more forgiving than the next. A little extra brace height never hurt anyone, and grip angle helps IMO, but to say your bow isn't forgiving past 50 is probably just more of an accuracy issue with you. That said, some guys obviously shoot certain bows better than others. Some favor high letoff, some don't. I like certain manufacturer's grips over others. Lots of variables. You just have to find what you're most comfortable with, and then the accuracy normally follows.

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I'm with Kris. Too many variables to pin it on one thing. Different grips agree with different bows better than others is one big thing.


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In my experience: A slower shooting bow with less poundage "60lbs" , with a long "axel to axel", plenty of brace height , less let off "say 65% " with a narrow flat low wrist grip will be extremely forgiving!
I've had many newer more advanced bows over the years, but the absolute most accurate bow I ever shot in my life was an old original Matthews Conquest that I bought waaay back in 1998.
I killed more deer and shot more 12's with that long lanky bow than any other in my life. LOL

It had all those qualities that I mentioned.
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I think the longer bows are more forgiving overall (generally speaking). they all vary by all the different variables though.
Forgiving bows

Before my eyes went away I shot 3-D in major tournaments , all the pros shot there bows with the factory handles removed, that makes a very narrow grip to help stop bow torque. I know the new bows of today make there grips more narrow so there must be something to having a narrow grip. So any hand torque at 50 yds. Is gonna make your arrow group larger. Just my two cents thrown in!!!


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I think Brace Height used to play a bigger role in accuracy/forgiveness....but I think some of the newer bows with lower brace heights shoot very very well.

I went from a BowTech Gaurdian (7+ inches of BH) to a Destroyer350 (6 inches of BH) and my accuracy didn't suffer. Bit more of a hump on the 350...and the back wall is solid, but you have to maintain a little pressure or it can and will jerk forward. But...after shooting for a bit, you get very used to it. For me, the D350 is a better bow. More speed...less drop on the arrow...for me, takes more guess work out of those longer shots.

For you, may be totally different.