What stung me?


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It is well documented here that I hate yellow jackets. Dang guinea wasps are just as bad if not worse. I said on another post that if fire ants could learn to fly yellow jackets we'd be in trouble.

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Years ago, while going to the local store to get a dinner plate after a morning hunt, I had a yellow jacket sting me right in the throat. He had gotten in my jacket somehow. And yes, it hurt. It hurt real good! Dang, it hurt! :bounce: I mashed that sucker real good right afterwards. Looked down and saw the mashed yellow jacket. I said GO DAWGS and threw him out the winder! :bounce:


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Guinea wasp got me on the neck the other day,smarted some.
I stepped on a wood scorpion bare foot back when I lived in Cumming. Those jokers were every where up there. It got me just below my big toe. Burned and hurt pretty bad for about 20 minutes and then went away. So no biggy.
I've been stung by hornets, wasps, guinea wasps, yellow jackets, bumble bees, honey bees and scorpions. Worse sting was by the guinea wasp, on my upper lip. Felt like I got hit in the mouth with a hammer. I believe yellow jackets are the worst because you usually get hit more than once. I've ran over nests cutting grass and bush hogging. You just can't get away fast enough. There is also a plant we call cow itch that if you rub up against it, it is just as bad as a bee sting except after about thirty minutes all trace is gone.
I vote bald-faced hornet. Got chased them some years ago, they were relentless, biting (yes they not only sting, but they bite too) and stinging me multiple times.
I swelled like mad, and they hurt like he** heck! Worse than yellow jackets!


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I’ve been stung by most everything except a hornet and velvet ant, I have to say the red wasp is the worst for me. Yellow jackets do make me swell up though.


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I forgot about the crawlers. This little varmint near about set me on fire. Didn`t know he was there till it was too late. Tussock caterpillar.

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Got an Io moth caterpillar in my shirt once. 100x worse than a saddleback.

Those big giant yellow European hornets are bad news. I have a scar on my arm from one when I was 18. Caused necrosis like a snakebite and rotted a hole out in my arm.
In this order, for me, worst to not so bad-hornet, guinea wasp, yellow jacket, bumblebee, red wasp. Ive never been hit by a cowkiller (velvet wasp female), but judging by the length of their stinger and the reaction of my cousin when he got stung by one, they are the most painful by far.
When I was 5 or 6 years old I made the mistake of picking up a cowkiller. Been a long time ago but I remember that it was a terrible pain and I think I spent a day or two in bed afterwards. About 10 years ago I awoke to something crawling up my chest. I swatted it off and rolled over to raise myself on my hands. Unfortunately I put my hand down on the centipede and it nailed me a couple of times before I could move my hand. That was the worst pain I've experienced from a bite or sting.


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Fire ants were the worst to me as far as pain. Yellow jackets as far as the swelling. Haven't been hit by a scorpion. Have been bitten by brown recluse. No bite feel just skin irritation and then rot. A saddle back will also set your neck on fire for a few also.

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Not sure the real name, but I call em wooly boogers. They either bite or sting sumn awful. Always shake your shirt out before you put it on!


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Anyone ever seen one of these?


Not the worst in the world but the ole Dagger Moth’ll getcha.