What type of Plant or Tree is this?

Mark K

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Glad to hear it can’t be killed to easily. Had to do a lot of trimming around my stand for shooting lanes. Was afraid I might have killed it.
Used to go up there from Camp LeJune to a rock quarry 1970s. Put the canoe in at a bridge and float into the quarry-lake after lake. Don't know if I ever visited them all. Dark tea colored water and big bream. Good times!
My son is stationed at LeJeune now. Nice country around there.


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It's very easy to destroy. I just killed 4 acres of it totally last winter. I'm going after 2 more acres in a week. I'll post a video for the forum

I hack and squirt with straight RM43. It kills it forever and you don't risk over spray or spraying on yourself
Your enthusiasm might be a bit premature. You will have to fight to keep your new found control. Animals have scattered the berries and the will continue to pop up for years. All it takes is for you to fall behind on your control for a couple of years and the privet is off to the races again.
At least it used to be!
If the hurricanes'd leave it alone!
I think Onslow Beach too a licking last fall.
Yeah, he came up and stayed with us for three weeks during Florence until the roads got passable again. That area has always been a major hurricane target, and always will be, I guess.


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I use 2 oz each of triclopyr and 41% glyphosate per gallon of water applied as a foliage spray in early spring when it has just leafed out, works good for me. If its too tall to spray the foliage I mix triclopyr and kerosene 50/50 and apply from the base up 18-24 inches on the trunk. Diesel will work, but I think the kerosene works better.