what weed?

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Can't find my weed book. What's the weed that has needle like stickers on it that jump on your clothes? Not talking about begger weed. This stuff grows on a tall stalk with a 'star' similar seed pot and is dry now. Can't tell you about the blooms as I never notice it until this time of year. Darn things are like porcupine quills. Get near it and they seem to jump off and into your clothes. Stickers are about 1/2 inch long and very thin. HATE THIS THING!! You don't get 1 needle...you get tons! Only way I've ever found to get them off your clothes is to sit and pull them out.


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I`ve never known the real name, but we always called em "devil`s forks".


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Sand spurs?


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cockleburrs Are the seed heads about 3/8 - 1/2 inch long and oval shaped??