What's biting in Georgia inland waters now?

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I am a novice to salt water fishing and want to kayak fish in the marsh creeks near Richmond Hill.
Last week, I went out with frozen shrimp and a 17 in Black Drum (as well as a small eel and flounder).
I want to catch fish for the table.
Can someone let me know whats is biting? I hope to catch flounder, whiting, drum, sheepshead, seatrout or redfish.


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I don't go there much.
Good luck. Someone on here can help you.

I'm going to keep checking your thread.
Me would like to get some pointer's myself.
Especially for this time of year.

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mizzippi by "fresh" do you mean live?
Right now live shrimp and finger mullet are the best. You name three or four types of fish, all of them are fished differently. Live shrimp under a popping cork close to the shells/grass for reds. finger mullet on a carolina rig at the mouth of ditches and creeks on the out going tide for flounder. Moving water at bait ambush sites for trout.