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I've been doing some research on buying the tools to do my own bow work. My question is what brand do y'all use? Presses, vices, levels, arrow saws, fletching jigs ect?

I've looking at the EZ green press and jo jan fletching jig, opinions on theses?


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I use a Bitzenburger fletching jig. I have 2 of them and love them, they are rated the best in the archery world. You can buy them new for around $80 but if you look on Ebay and Amazon and Archery Talk you can buy them cheaper and sometimes get them fairly new for cheap due to folks not taking the time to set them up correctly. I am also looking into a Last Chance Archery press, have not made up my mind on which one yet.

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Any of the last chance presses are great. If you can spring the extra cash I would recommend the ez green power press. The ez green regular press isn't nearly as smooth pressing as the regular ez press but with the power you don't notice it.

Have an EZ Green Power Press, Ultimate EZ Press, LCA EZ Vice, Weston Arrow Saw, OMP Digital Poundage Scale, Bitzenburgers for customers arrows and a LCA Vane Master Pro for my personal stuff.

Other stuff I would recommend would be a quality chronograph and a draw board. You can also use a hook to pull the bow down with and check cam timing.


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I still need a bow vice, I currently use a small vice to hold my riser. I use a Bowmaster portable press, T square, Greyling Jig, AAE serving jig, and an old school arrow alignment tool. I also use a cheap aluminum yard stick for tuning as well. I made my own arrow spinner, and will soon have my own DIY Saw for my arrows. Just start small with the basics and it wont take long for your table to fill up.


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everything thats why I can't find nothing

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This is good information. Seems fit to sticky.
Thank you all.

I have a splintered recurve, and a dozen arrows with bad fletching on my work bench.
On my archery bench- bow press, draw board, bow vise, levels, 2 digital scales, d-loop pliers, Arizona mini ez fletch, and numerous allen wrenches.