What's your "NEW YEARS" Resolution??????


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1. Drastically reduce my hunting/fishing time.
2. Spend much less time on the web.
3. Don't mount any game/fish I take.
4. Spend more time with Mrs. fredw.

These are Mrs. fredw's New Year's resolutions for fredw :bounce: Man, is she going to be surprised :D
1) To get back in Church... we had a baby in July and we took a couple of Sundays " off " ... well those couple of Sundays have turned into 5 months!

Just got plain lazy, baby's sick, deer season came in ::ke: , etc, etc...

No more excuses ... We will be there Sunday!!

2) I've always wanted to write a book... 2005 seems like a good year to get started !
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I kept the last one I ever made, which was 20 years ago. That was to never make another resolution :D