When was the last one you saw?

How long ago was the last wild deer you saw?

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Continuing my informal highly unscientific poll....
Think about the last deer you saw. How long ago was it?
I saw one in the middle of the afternoon today at the office. First time I've seen a deer there in 14 years! See them regularly in the backyard though so I'm likely not skewing the poll. :eek:
Hunt/fish safely,
Saw a doe last night at Hwy 29 and Patterson Rd. in Lawrenceville.

Saw a doe and 2 very small fawns this afternoon right outside the gate of Georgia Power Plant Bowen.



I saw a little bitty fawn this morning on the side of I-20 around Rutledge.........

I think it was lookin' for it's "MOM"......... :)
Got called out about 9:30 last night and on my way to the call I had one come outa a corn field and crossed the dirt road about 20ft. infront of the truck. That's the closest I've got to hitting one in a long time.

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This morning...

on the way to work lone doe , yearling I think , not a Mama...
have only seen 2 fawns so far this year...
put out a camera yesterday , will see what happens...
Phil those are my pet deer at the office , by bow season I hope to have them trained to get into the back of the truck so I won't have to drag them so far when I Whack Em ::ke:

:shoot: :clap: :shoot: :clap: :shoot:


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They are in my back yard every evening. I have a doe and one fawn and another doe with two fawns every night.


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Still havent gotton use to it....and I hope I dont :cheers:
We are seeing them pretty regularly now all around the house. I was standing in the kitchen yesterday evening and could look out the front window and a back window at the same time. Out the front I could see the 2 boys playing in the driveway...out the back window I could see 2 does feeding along the creek. Man I love living in the counrtry :cheers:


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had a doe try and cross over state Hwy 20 between Cumming and Canton yesterday around 2 P.M. Luckily I saw her coming and didn't hit her!


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Rode thru Mtn Town towards backside of Cohutta and saw 12 just the other night. Thats not bad for Cohutta.


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saw a tiny doe in coweta co. the other night. Looked the size of a fawn, but didn't have a single spot on it. I think they must be starvin over by newnan :huh:


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Just so happens I just came in from running the ol hounds.The answer to your ? is about 10min ago standing on the side of the driveway.Looked like a doe it was hard to tell its bad foggy out!


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almost every day

Saw one leaving the house at 6AM, saw one when I got home at 6PM and saw one again when leaving tonight at 2AM. Can't seem not to see them this time of year.