When yall planting?

Planted mine and my buddy's Labor Day weekend. Looks like they should get watered good here in a couple days.
I don't see how real farmers do it. I'm a nervous wreck watching the weather models trying to get rain on the plot I planted 3 weeks ago. Less than 24 hours out and some of the models have me getting 2 inches of rain while a couple say all the rain will stay just a few short miles south of me.

I'm anxious/worried/and stressed watching every run of the models and this is for 3 acres of brassicas. I can't begin to imagine what a farmer goes through knowing his entire year of work with 100's of acres of crops may be a risk if a certain storm misses him and he doesn't get rain. I couldn't begin to fathom how they deal with it.


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Got 5” but there is no rain in the forecast so I’ll wait until the next rain chance.


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We got 6" of rain at the club this week ... I think my turnip seeds are floating past David Helmly and Elfiii right now. No real rain in sight right now for me to plant by.

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Core Lokt

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When I used to plant before Oct my plots would be so tall and non palatable to the deer it was a waist. I plant 1 month before gun season now. Most times it's dry for 2-3 weeks but my seed always comes up and last and grazed on through the season.

Fresh plowed dirt is a good plot too. So much food still in the woods when the season starts here.
we will only plant rape this year, usually first part of Oct, deer wont touch it until it after a good hard frost so when everything else in the woods is gone and the bucks are worn out from the rut they will walk past a corn pile to get to the rape