where can i sell my crossbow?


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There is a classified trader that is outdoor related that gets a good bit of traffic as well, but its a bad time of year for selling archery equipment , as I"m sure you know , chances are you won't get the best price for it.
I bought my crossbow on archery talk. i think that is where you will get the most traffic.

I tried selling archery equipment on outdoors trader and a bunch of crickets responded to my ad. Sold it in about 2 days for a higher asking price on archery talk. Nothing against ODT. It is excellent for firearms and paraphernalia, just not archery.

Be advised though, it is called archeryTALK for a reason. Lots of talk and not much action on any given item for sale.


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The Outdoor Trader , it was started when the GON Swap and Sell got taken down.
It’s a great place to buy and sell anything.


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Archerytalk.. WHOLE LOT more members looking for exactly what you're selling..