Where to get GA carry permit??

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Is it the county probate or magistrate office? I have been putting this off long enough and need to get mine! Gobblinglawyer or Kansashunter or anyone in Jefferson County, you know who I need to talk to over in Louisville? Thanks in advance!
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I think Vince is correct. I am almost positive that's the office to get it from. I know our judges name but can't remember his title. ::huh:
I'm sure if that is not who to see they will point you in the right direction. Good move on getting one.
Judge Bryant's office of the Probate Court is the place to go.

Ask for Miss Ashlyn and she'll get you pointed in the right direction. Bring cash for the payment. They don't take checks.
I think it's around $44 the first time and $34 if you renew prior to its expiration date.

It's not a 5 minute process as they'll send you to the Sheriff's Department to get fingerprinted. Be prepared.