Which broadhead do you use and why?

I like the G5 Montec because they fly great and are very accurate from my bow. My theory is you must hit the target before any other factors come into play. I prefer the carbon model as they’re easier to sharpen. I like simple.
Qad exodus 125 grain swept, anything Magnus, NAP thunderhead. They sharp, they fly well, they put em down quick. Have Rages and Rage knockoffs but never shot them at an animal. Maybe next year.
100g 2" Swhacker expandable.

Shooting these because they fly identical to field tips. Might have to be pickier on shot placement but they are very effective. Big fixed blades can be tuned to group with field tips but may not be as forgiving should your form not be perfect in the stand(why i dont shoot them)...that being said, they penetrate much better thru bone.
X2 on 100grain Swhacker.
1. Fly exactly like field tips
2. Simple open on impact design, never fail to deploy
3. Reasonable price
4. Most importantly they are lethal.

I switched to them about 6 years ago and will never go back to fixed blades. Every deer I’ve shot with them went down in sight.