WHICH County do you hunt

I’ve been threatening to do that myself. Just stay in the rut! Tip of the hat to you!
I've been doing it for about ten years the way the rut is across south Ga it starts on the coast early and winds up on the Alabama line in Jan its not for everybody a lot of planning and setting up camps and breaking down camps and miles both truck and boots.


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My own in Bibb county, private in Peach and Taylor, club in Talbot.


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Coweta, Fulton, (club), Cleburne Al, and Heard (private). Just kinda where I have access to these days. No real strategy to it. I've hunted all over through the years though for the same reason.
Wilkinson. The hunting is just ok..at best. It is nice to walk out my door & be in a stand within 5 minutes. I’m too busy with work & kids to fool with a hunting club/traveling. May get back into that later on...just Thankful to have what I have 👍
Proudly representing Forsyth private patches.I am also blessed to hunt Screven one long weekend a year. My best buddies dad gets it all set up for us during rut:)
In 2020, I hunted some in Towns, Rabun, White, Union, Habersham, Dawson, and McDuffie Counties.
Lincoln (~280 acres) and Clarke County (13.5 acres).

10x deer per acre in CC but enjoy being able to go feral on bigger spread.

Being able to hunt a couple 6,000 -15,000 acre spots in TX every year or 2 keeps me from wanderlust.