Who daily drives old stuff by CHOICE??

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I do.

My most driven vehicle is a 2000 4runner SR5. Had it since 2012, fix what breaks, and keep going. Almost 300K on the clicker. It ain't pretty, but I ain't neither.

Would not think twice about leaving for Alaska from Georgia in it tomorrow morning.

I also have a 2008 F250 XL gas motor, 175K and the little 98 Tacoma I just bought.

Liability insurance, no payments, and at least two work at all times..lol

So who else drives old stuff daily by choice, and what ya got?
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I'm with y'all. Newest I have is a 2002 F250 with the 7.3. The better half drives it daily. Mine is a '97 (OBS) with the 7.3. The rest of the fleet includes a '96 and '93 Broncos and a '68 Chevy C10 to haul the weekly garbage to the dump. I have a few other older "toys" filling up the shop space that don't get driven much anymore.

I lied!! The newest vehicle I have is the 2019 Harley. Got it out and enjoyed the "spring" day today. Almost forgot about that one.


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my daily driver is my 97 jeep wrangler with 165k on it. my 2014 ram ecodiesel sits now that im retired. and my 1994 bronco with 220k is about to be for sale because it never gets driven.


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I do. 2001 dodge dakota with 365,000 miles on it. It's rusted, it burns oil, but I love the fact that I can scratch it, dent it, spill a drink in it, and it don't matter at all. I haven't had a truck payment since my junior year of college, and I'm 35. I love it


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1995 Chevrolet Silverado, 1998 Silverado, 1999 Blazer. The blazer gets driven 100+ miles a day and the Silverados go down dirt roads a lot.


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2001 Silverado 180k, 2003 Dodge Ram w/Cummins 245k, and the “new” 2014 Ford Escape for the wife 180k.
At the price of new I can do a lot of repairs.


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my "run around huntin truck" is a 93 4runner-fully loaded and everything works- i dread the day when it dies and it will someday bc it has an oil leak in a place somewhere between the transfer case ,transmission , engine that is probably going to be more than its worth to fix . I just keep putting lucas oil treatment in it . other than that I have been all over it with repairs over the yrs- I just replaced the evaporator coil and expansion valve last week.

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2002 Jeep wrangler with 145,000 drive it 80 round trip every day!!

My back up is a 99 f150 with 428??? On it. Both paid for, my wife drives an 07 nissan paid for!!!!!


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I drive my old '86 Chevy silverado about twice a week now it stays in my shop our of the weather when not being used.

We do have 2 2019 vehicles. My Wife has a Rogue SUV and I have a Nissan Frontier. Neither of them get driven very much being elderly and retired for many years we stay home most of the time nowadays. We had the money to pay for the Nissans and at our age we said why not ? We have not had any car payments since before the turn of the 21st century, and we have not had a mortgage in a very long time either.

Honestly I had rather have my old Chevy than either one of the Nissan's.
We've got a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 250K and a 2001 S10 Pickup with 225K on them.
04 chevy 4x4 with the 4.3, bought it new, gets 20mpg and still runs like a top. last new truck ILL eve buy cause aint no way I can afford a new one.
t I can scratch it, dent it, spill a drink in it, and it don't matter at all.
I got a 2001 duramax 2500hd, 295,000 mi. fixing to have to put a BCM in it I think. Got to get it to pass Inspection up here. I luv that truck, it's my ditch monster, and back road trout fishing and hunting machine.
01 silverado 2500 4wd, I work on late model vehicles daily, I won't own one ! They've continued to over-complicate, over-computerize every aspect of todays vehicles, which only leads to problems with electrical circuits, connections, grounds, etc,, drivetrains are designed to get the most fuel mileage possible, which the majority of the time means it is NOT going to be durable, or last very long without having to have major repairs, for example just rebuilt the trans in a 2017 silverado with only 90k on the clock, seeing a lot of them not making it to 100k before needing a major rebuild.

I won't own stuff I can't depend on