Who daily drives old stuff by CHOICE??


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2004 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner 4cyl with 250,000 miles and finnaly just had the belts replaced.
2010 328I BMW 120,000 miles still runs good ( expensive to maintain )
2014 Infinity QX 80 with 75,000 miles that has been meticulosly maintained.
2014 F150 FX4 110,000 miles and it runs great


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94 Toyota truck over 500,000 miles 5 motors later still drive it. Still looks pretty good. New truck setting in garage with 4,000 miles. I did get a 2006 Canyon 4 wheel drive 82000 miles I started driving to work.


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I prefer the older vehicles.

I had an 86 Nissan 720 pickup. Loved it. But, around the 250,000 mile point, I replaced the engine. Shortly after, sold it. No rust and very solid.

Currently, I drive a 99 Corolla (134,000 km/ about 83000 miles) Giving my 01 Dakota (202,000mi) to my daughter so it's off the road for a restoration.

I'm considering either another Dakota or older chevy truck for next vehicle. Dont want luxury options, though. I'm not so lazy to work a window regulator, or manually adjust the seats or mirrors. I know how to lock and unlock doors, too.

Bare bones vehicles..... my kind of ride


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Back around '98, '99, I wanted a new Silverado so bad! The old truck I had would pull a horse trailer with one horse, but not with two.
So in 2000 I ran across one with all the stuff I wanted and negotiated all day until they relented right at closing time and I had my Silverado.
Today that truck has over 200,000 miles and is my daily driver. It pulls horse trailers, boat trailers, a camper and utility trailers. It's a farm truck.
It ran mudders of some sort until 2003 when I bought an ATV now it runs all terrains.
Don't want anything different. I hope it runs from now on.


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2000 f250 crew cab 4x4,7.3. I bought this truck with a cracked block knowing I had to swap the engine. $7500 later I had a 150,000 mile used engine,new radiator and hoses,new alternator and water pump. Over the next year or so I had the rear end rebuilt,batteries and cables replaced and front suspension rebuilt. I’ve done the brakes on it. $20,000 in it now but I’ll be driving this truck for many years. I’ve also got an ‘06 suburban z71 4x4 with a little over 200,000 miles. Just replaced hubs and cv axles on it. My son has an ‘03 suburban I bought from a buddy who bought it new. 300,000 plus on that one. You can’t beat those 2000-2006 5.3 litre engines.


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We notoriously have old vehicles. We keep vehicles as long as possible. I have a 2002 Silverado reg cab. We just got a Honda pilot. But before that we had a 2000 pontiac grand prix.
Bought a new 4runner in 02’ and drove it till 2-3 years ago. Put 465,000 on her and it had the original motor and tranny when I sold it. Bought a used 04 4runner with about 210k miles and just rolled over 315k. Gonna sell her soon and buy a used 7-10k 4runner soon. Wife drives new RAV4.


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94 Jeep yj 114.000 miles (currently in shop for re-built tranny) 2006 f150 112.000 miles. Runs and rides like new. O7 4runner 170.000 miles. 98 3rd gen. 4runner 315.000 miles, just changed timing belt and water pump, and t-stat all original, timing belt still good shape but developed water pump leak and might as well change all since you have to remove water pump to get to belt. Shop wanted 1200 did myself in 5 hrs and 200 bucks. 06 G3 1860 tunnel hull 90 hp yamaha with 65 hrs wouldn't trade it for the world. If it's broke around here we fix it
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We do proudly.
2011 Chevy Suburban 199k about to part ways with it
Just bought a 2000 Ford excursion last month 171k, this is the second one that we have owned and I prefer them over the suburban any day.
My truck on the other hand is a 2016 F-250 with 109K
I do. My wife and I make more money now than I really ever thought we would and I still can't stand the thought of a truck payment. 2007 Toyota Tundra. Before that I had a 2006 Toyota Tacoma that had 260,000 miles on it. I'd be driving it still but I gave it to my son when he turned 16
1999 Toyota Tacoma 4wd
2002 Ford Excursion 4wd
2006 F250 King Ranch FX4

Excursion and F250 are daily drivers...Toyota is farm/hunting machine. I would not hesitate to go anywhere in any of them although with gas and diesel on the rise it would be expensive in those 2 road hogs. LOL
I am an oldy but goody type. Have a 32 fi motorhome on a ford 99 f53 chassis. 75kmiles and going strong. Camille has a 99 explorer as a daily driver. 87k and doing great. My daily 99 ranger has been perfect until yesterday. I was moving a trailer around the yard. Shifted to reverse and heard a noise. First thought my load had shifted but checked and it was secure. Got back in tried to back up and no reverse. This truck has never towed a lot. when I bought it there was no indication of a ball ever being on the bumper.Truck has 118k miles. I have always done most of my work on my vehicles but transmissions I know nothing about. Can anyone on here give me advice about getting it repaired,replaced or what type shop I should go to . Small shop chain type shop or what. I don't do dealers. Thanks in advance
2005 F-150 Crew Lariat
1999 F-150 4X4 Lariat
1992 Ford Festiva...somebody tries to buy my Festiva several times a year
ALL well over 200,000 miles.