Who else has started Scent Control?


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I am Dendy. I’m just getting around to seeing this thread. The time is almost here. Next Saturday. I can’t wait. I won’t sleep good all week!
Bad dave I use liquid chlorophyll. I just take a shot of it every day or two during season. It’s actually good for you and doesn’t taste bad at all. I haven’t noticed any digestive troubles caused by it. It seems to work. Nothing we can do will overcome a deer’s nose. Nothing. But anything we can do to decrease our human scent helps. Chlorophyll reduces your scent at the source- not cover it up. I get mine from different places- amazon, GNC..... Like I said before- I don’t believe a deer’s nose can be fooled. BUT one thing that I have found to be effective, when I hunt on the ground especially, is turpentine. I pour a lot around me, spray it on myself and my pack. I do not have a lot of faith in “cover” scents and sprays. But turpentine made a believer out of me. It’s pricey though. Like 8-9 bucks at CVS. Good luck to everybody this season.
I have used Turpentine for years, I try to dilute in spray bottle and I spray it (doenst really dilute though).

You can buy a glass bottle of it at Georgia Museum of Ag at ABAC, where I happen to work thought not at GMA. A bottle lasts a couple of years easily - I dont put that muc in spray bottle.
I wash my hunting clothes with baking soda and store them in vanilla scented trash bags with Little Tree vanilla car air fresheners in the bag. I spray down with scent killer just before entering the woods and do that again if I've been sitting for a good while.
I use Altoids breath mints also. I put trash bags on my car seat for on my way to my hunting areas because I can't imagine what kind of smells are trapped in a car seat.
Oh wait I can imagine and it's scary to think about it! :eek: