Who else is quickly going through their venison?

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With two of my 3 kids away at college we have scaled back on the number of deer we harvest. When all were home we used to take 5 to 6 a year (mostly for us but some given to family and friends). We scaled back the harvest last couple of years. This past season we only took 3 deer (one does, 2 bucks) figuring that would last till next season. NOW, we have everyone home, we have two others (Covid refugees) staying with us, we have 7 people eating every meal at home (5 of them are under 23 yrs).
We are down to 5 pounds of ground and 20 pounds of staps, loins, & steaks. I KNEW I should have taken that extra doe!

I imagine others are seeing their freezer being depleted quicker than normal, too.

Time to load up with some fish!

Stay safe and stay healthy.


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I have noticed that I have more shelves in my freezer empty right now than I normally do at this time of the year. I expect others are going through the same thing which may be bad for the deer come next season....especially the does.

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Is the only meat y'all are eating venison? If so a couple could eat 3 deer if that's all the meat you ate. We mix it up between venison, beef, fish and pork.
Mine is still in good shape.


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I took 4 deer last season so, Deer and hog holding up good here. The kids aren’t asking yet.
I typically have 2-3 deer in the freezer and have them ground into burger. Since my wife and I have been married we have bought 3 packs of ground beef in 11 years. I am going to run out this year way before September comes.


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We are knocking it down very well. However, my three boys killed 4 good bucks last year, so we had more deer than our usual 2 or 3 (also bought a new standup freezer last year too).