Who has done this


...just joking, seriously.
The best string was not a string, but a hair plucked from that long haired cutie that sits in class in front of you. :bounce:
The hair hampers flight much less than a string and is practically invisible.


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Hitching a team of them up to lift a small stick kept a little boy busy.

Always kept a couple steelies in my poke to up my odds at marbles.


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Looks like a healthy specimen - should get good distance!


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We used to look forward to tying a string to a June's Bugs leg each summer. Also catching a few lightning bugs and putting them in a jar.. We made lots of kite's as well.. Come to think of it I haven't seen a June Bug in a very long time, never seen one at all here on the coast..
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Here's another pest on my grapevines, they are like the June bugs with a turbo charger (and fly even better)
Grapevine beetle (Pelidnota punctata) grapevine_beetle_michael.jpg
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I done it plenty of times as a kid without a thought but now it seems a bit cruel especially if the leg comes off.
No regrets


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I taught my daughter that game hopefully I’ll be around to show a grand that too.
On another note are June bugs a variety of Dung beetle? They seem to home in on dog poop and stay under it in NE Georgia.