who here.....has a stick steering boat??

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'like Alan's'...

Anyone have a chance to try out one of the newer style stick steers with a modified v front end? Was wandering if it took away the stability the stick steers have always had.

Would love to have a Triton like Alans. Hard to find a stick steer with dual rod lockers and decent sized livewell. Lowe quit making the Roughneck that was the all around perfect hunting/crappie fishing machine.
It could be yours..... I was thinking about buying a used G3 CCJ (jet) that WAS for sale until a week ago.
Have a 1654 Allweld with 50 hp 4 stroke. I didn't want live well as I either throw in cooler or throw back. Rough ride and steering is hard. Read that new 4 stroke exhibit more torque and the 840 steering is recommended. I wish I had a air guide seat on the front.?
Does the 840 steering give you a faster turn ratio? One thing I noticed about my extreme was that sharp turns are not possible. At the dock or putting boat on the trailer I could use tighter turning.
I am seeing more stick steers this year.