Who lives in Newton Co?????

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Thinking about buying 8 acres in Oxford. Anybody give me some feedback on the area...good or bad? I've got my opinion but wanted some others.


From great to terrible,depends on where......one things for sure the county is growing faster than the infrastructure can support........you can sit in traffic at one 4-way 15-20mins(81 and Crowell)The housing value is going up fast though.......PM me the location and if I know I'll tell you.Check with Leo too.


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I'm not real familiar with the Oxford area, is the land rural?

Newton is growing fast, some areas more than others, and as matthewsman said the infrastructure is going to be hard pressed to keep up.

Check with aaron batson, I think he may live near the Oxford area :)

As the Oxford community is near I-20 it may be a good investment :)

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This piece of land is in the Stone Lea area. Not really a subdivision. Land is in like 3-20 acre chunks. One of my buddies bought the 8 acre tract beside the one I'm looking at. An ol' lady owns 83 acres behind ours and said that she won't be selling it and hopefully we have a shot at leasin it then hopefully buyin it one day when her time comes. If you come from Walnut Grove down 81 turn right on Duncan Rd then left into Stone Lea area. There is a lake or two in there as well.

Tell me what you know!!!!

Thanks in advance.
I have a brother and sister that live is Stone Lea. I actually live in Northwood (my back yard touches Stone Lea subdivision). I grew up on Gum Creek Rd. My brothers house is right on Stone Lea lake (the main lake). The lake is real clear and fishing is OK. Way too many small bass in it that need to be taken out. The bream are huge!

When you turn left into Stone Lea, where abouts is it then?
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Yeah, I looked in Northwood, pretty nice in there. Once you turn left on Stone Lea go about 1/2 mile then take left on Lake Stone lea dr. then go about 1/2 mile and the property is on the left. it has big white Coldwell Banker sign on it. the lot is sorta pie shaped. it has about 100 ft at road, 530 ft across the back, and about 1000 ft on each side. at the back on the property there is an old stone wall that they say was the old stagecoach route from Athens to Atlanta, I thought that was pretty cool. The lot is across the road from lake lots.
Thinking seriously about building a log cabin out there.

That whole area seems very nice, is that the case? Can anyone fish those lakes??? You'll have to show me the honeyholes. I need to have more time to fish, my parents live right at Black Shoals Resoivor, we have a place on lake sinclair, and at our hunting property we have a 12 acre pond that is loaded with 3-8 pounders. Just what I need is another place to fish.
My brother lives across the road from that lot. It has been up for sale for quite some time. His house is almost to the cul-d-sac on the lake side, white siding house. You have to own a lot actually touching the lake in order to fish. Don't worry you would not miss much - not a very good lake... needs some biologist work to get some bigger bass in it...they all seem stunted.

There are proabably a few deer around, but not many anymore with all the building going on around it. I love the area, but of course I ain't never lived anywhere else either....
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probably not the lot you are thinking of because this one just hit the market about 2 weeks ago. it has been partially cleared in the front. there is deer sign everywhere on our property. the back of our property like I said is 83 acres and beside it my buddy hunts 150 acres. the lot he bought backs up to the farm he hunts on. should be great bow season and early gun season. lots of whiteoaks.

is your brother close to the BIRDMAN????? some guy couple lots over from ours raises exotic birds and when he feeds them they go nuts, but thankfully its not that bad over at our lots. I think mine is LOT 8.