Why didn't someone tell me????

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Why hasn't someone told me how much fun it was trolling for spots with a crank bait? I was fishing chatuge below my house yesterday, I'm not much of a bass fisherman, was trying to locate some crappie with no luck, mostly because there were so many bass boats giving me the wake treatment, (must have been a tourney going on), so out of aggravation, I tied on a deep diving crankbait, put out about 100 ft of line and started paddling, after about 10 min I think I've found one of my new favorite hobbies, I loaded the cooler with some real pigs.


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Sounds awesome. I was on a small lake sat (yak) and Sunday (gheenoe) and there were several boats out. I think cabin fever is being set straight with the nice weather


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Yep, its fun. I've done this for crappie with jigs and would catch a few bass as well.
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found that out trolling for striper. caught my biggest spot ever.
There is a lake downstream from chatuge that has had stripers stocked for the past several years, they say there mostly around 10 lb now , and the rumor is the lake is full of them, I might need some advice from you as to what to troll for stripers, I was thinking big swim baits, or Alabama rig?, maybe some live bait except it's hard to find live bait for stripers around here, selling heron is not legal, bait shops only sale shiners, and not the big ones.
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Got my first fish Trolling on Sunday. So much fun to sit back relax let the wind troll you around!
Nice hybrid! We have hybrids in chatuge, but not many can find them, they use to be easy to catch, I don't know if the introduction of heron changed their habits? But they can be hard to find.


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Try using an alabama rig! Those big spots on Lanier love'em.
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Try using an alabama rig! Those big spots on Lanier love'em.
I have some of those, I'll try them next, do I just use plastic swim baits, or would twisters work better?