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Wife just waked me up,"there is a squirrel in here".3:00 am in the morning and there is a squirrel in the house!Came down the chimney,the spark screen had been left cracked.Well,I caught that sucker in a vase and took him to the back porch and he will live to fight again.

Some of ya'll will say I'm crazy for letting it go and others will think I am just a tender hearted ole Coot.Just what do you think.Ya can't hurt my feelings,ain't got none.Tell me what you think! ::huh:


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Your House, Your squirrel, Your choice ::ke: :bounce:



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He'll be back

Squirrels are very territorial. Once they find a warm home, they are not to crazy abt. sleeping in a hollow tree anymore. I have been doing battle with the ones in my attic for months. I'm pretty sure they are all gone or dead now though.


Man Cal!!!!!!!!

Like Leo said.....

It's your house....... :flag:

How the heck did you manage to get that critter without it sinkin' it's teeth in you???? :speechles


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If I was up typing on Woody's at 3:00 a.m. because a squirrel had woken me up...Well, let's just say "tender-hearted" would be quite the over-statement :) Good luck with this one bro...
I'd say....

I wish your with had filmed the chase :p

There goes Cal in his underwear, with his vase....

Here comes the squirrel.... :p ::ke: :D

I would have let him go too! Might have plugged up the top of the vase until this morning though :shoot:
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Well Guys after about 45 minutes that critter went in the bathroom and jumped in a small vase.I threw a towel over the vase and out the back door he went.I just couldn't harm that little critter.After 45 minutes we was on first name basis.I do know he will be back for sure.I think I have caught the critter a few times before.
Jeff,you are about right about the chase! Filmed,I know I could have won something for sure!


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My girlfriend called me on the phone late one evening a few years ago. She was out of breath and all excited!
Unfortunately, it wasn't "that" kind of call.
A flying squirrel had flown down the chimney and was in the Christmas tree! She kept calling every ten minutes with a report of the chase. It sailed from the tree to the curtains to the pictures hanging on the wall, etc.
She's a good tennis player so I told her to get out her racket and practice her backhand. She didn't find the amount of humor in the situation that I did. :shoot:
After 45 minutes we was on first name basis.
After 45 min. of chasing him around at 0300 I bet he had several first names, probably a few that ya wouldn't want the kids' repeating.


I woulda turned him free too.

Nick T

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