Wilcox county? I got a hog problem


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I can relate I grew up a hillbilly but turned into a river swamp guy in my 20's


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I've spent a good bit of time over the years lurking around the low countries. Them big lizards still creep me out, though. :)

Don`t ever trust one, especially if it`s a big one. They`re sneaky, deceptive, and more untrustworthy than a yankee. There is no gratitude in a reptile.


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I eat groceries from the PIG weekly


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Piggly Wiggly Southern Inc. It was the first job I had in high school. I worked for them for 2 years and 79 days, before I went to basic training. My store was on Riverside drive in Macon Ga. next to the K Mart which was cool since they sold guns and ammo. I bought a few guns and a truck with nickels dimes and quarters
To prove what an idiot I was back then (and probably still am one), I had a great opportunity for an after school job at the PW at Westgate/Pio Nono.

Some buds kept telling me they were hiring left and right for stockers and bag boys, etc. They warned about the haircut requirement though.

So I went and applied, the manager called me into the office and said great but you have to get a haircut though. It was a little over my ears at the time in 1974. "Are you willing to get your haircut up over your ears?" I hesitated and that was the end of that interview.

"Come back if you change your mind, son."


Their grocery store is even named Piggly Wiggly. :bounce:
Mother's Day weekend isn't it
Store is now called Abbeville Express and yep the hog festival is Mother's Day weekend

I go through Abbeville several times a year on way to our property.

Still have a Piggly Wiggly here in Chipley, FlPig.jpg