Wild hogs in Early and Miller Counties

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Those guys hunting hogs at night with night scopes have put a hurting on the hogs in my area. Not near as much hog sign as we had couple months ago. I'm thinking, as the crop fields grow up, night hunting won't be as effective. The hogs will come back and multiply again. But right now our plots get a breather. Hogs have been so bad, electric wires were being put up around peanut fields. Hogs were destroying corn by many acres each night. One farmer claims hogs destroyed 20 acres in one night. Cameras are showing, most of the hogs that were in our woods have been killed, or ran off for the time being. Hope the night hunters shoot coyotes too.
Photo of the last group on camera, April. Have gotten photo's of a few single boar since.


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That’s great news ! I’ve seen them make a mess in some corn fields . A lot of times the farmers don’t notice the damage until it’s to late . They are good at starting in the middle of the field , not sure why but the will
I think they probably like the cover.
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A camera did get a photo of a boar yesterday morning around 8 am. Couple months ago, cameras were getting sounders of hogs every day, and night.
I need to find an area to put a hurting on some hogs or coyotes.