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sea trout

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Went yesterday and this mornin.
Didn't see any bucks but I did on 2 occasions see fawns in the food plots all by them selves. Maybe their mamma's are busy somewhere.
Hello from Wilkes county. Guess season kinda slowing down. My son in law got a pretty 8 point Tuesday but it's been slow seeing many bucks. Deer seem to be in fields and food plots more. Hope rest of everyone season goes well.
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I had great season. The new 30 acres I bought paid off. Killed a doe off it in bow season. Daughter killed a young buck off it opening weekend. Killed a 4.5 yr old 8 pointer I’ve been watching for 3 years on Nov 1st. And killed the biggest buck of my life off it on Nov 8th. A 130” 9 pointer. lots of deer hitting the feeders and food plots now. Going back next weekend for last deer hunt, hoping kids can put one more in the freezer.
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Bucks have started shedding horns. My wireless trail cam showed two bucks last night missing a side. Both bucks had a full set night before last. This seems to be a month earlier than usual?


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Good rain we had! I'm going to plant the dove field Monday and hopefully we will get some good rain this summer so the field will do well.
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Hope you got to plant yesterday. I mowed in between rain. Clover plots look amazing now. A few weeks ago I fertilized and sprayed them with clethedim. They’ve never looked so good. Also this year I had two new plots cleared that total 2.5 acres. Planted them in Soybeans, Cowpeas, sunn hemp, sun flower, sorghum, buckwheat and Alyce clover. They are starting to come up good!
Wilkes hunters good luck out there. Been finding a few white oaks dropping. Managed to get plots planted. Been slow.Getting started this year but looking forward to season.
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Having a weird start to season. Opposite of the norm. Usually very few or no good bucks all summer and then start seeing them often on camera by October. This year had several good ones and theve all disappeared. Only an occasional small buck lately. Still tons of does, maybe more than ever.