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Food plots are looking good for us as well. Gonna get some fertilizer on them before this rain comes in. White oaks that have acorns are loaded down! We usually don't see bucks on camera till the end of October. Plenty does though. Hopefully all will have a good season.
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Saw five does two bucks this morning and five does with a nice little 2.5 yr old seven. Saw chasing, grunting and watching him make rubs and a scrape. deer were eating acorns this morning and saw them in food plot this morning. one other thing exciting I saw was a covey of about 15 quail. Never seen them here in Wilkes county before. Very good day in the woods!
Been quite here. Warm weather today and kinda slow. Got.a few good ones showing up.on camera sniffing around. This year's white oaks are absolutely loaded down. Been awhile since I've seen such a large crop. Well good luck to.y'all here in Wilkes.
Yes, it was a slow weekend and rather warm in the Danburg area of Wilkes County. Did see a few smaller bucks running a couple of does and the does weren't receptive of their motives. The deer numbers are great on my property this year and I have a few good bucks on camera. My food plots are getting hammered and the oaks are dropping. Cooler weather forecasted starting on Saturday. The next upcoming weeks will be very interesting. Good luck to everyone!
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It’s wide open now in Wilkes. Got a small racked 3 1/2 yr old eight point yesterday. Saw bucks cruising in woods from 3pm on. This morning was crazy saw one doe chased hard by a grunting 6 pointer. Then a button head came down same trail grunting. Not sure if he was looking for momma or what. At 10:00 a spike came through, behind him was a big 2 1/2 yr old seven. Then saw a big mature eight. No shot. That same big eight came back through at 10:30 but still no shot.
Seen chasing yesterday. This morning it was really slow.and quite. Gonna try it from 12-2 and call.It a day. Gonna try it Tuesday morning hope to take a day off
Heading back to Danburg in Wilkes County Thursday for the weekend. This past weekend didn't see much. Just a couple of young bucks and a couple of does. Had plenty of activity on the cams due to the bright moon we had. Did see a massive 8 or 10 pt. standing on the side of the road about a quarter of a mile from my gate. I believe he looked like one I had got on camera before. Maybe he will make an appearance in my crosshairs. Good luck to all!
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I’m headed back to hunt evening. Cams getting incredible pictures. Many daylight bucks. A new mature buck and lots of pictures of the big one I’m after last night. Feeling good about this afternoons hunt.
I'm across the line in Lincoln Co near Sandtown but I'll be down this weekend for a couple of days. Things are lining up for some good movement. Excited to get down and check a cam I've had on a scrape for a couple of weeks. I have a pic of 1 nice one and neighboring 80 acres had a few nice pics of some deer we share. Small plots of land so a deer has to potentially dodge a lot of different hunters.
I live in danburg but own land in sandtown and tignall. Hopefully be a good weekend. i'm about to leave work and taking tomorrow off. been getting some nice ones on camera but only at night.

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Our lease is between tignall and rayle.
Had a fun action packed weekend last weekend with small and nice medium sized bucks out chasin and harassin does and eachother. We got a couple of big bucks on camera during the daylight.
I'm very excited about this weekend upcoming! Should be action packed with moon overhead all mornin huntin hours.
I wish we had a little bit cooler weather for the weekend and next week. But oh well it'll do!
Good luck y'all!!!!!!!
Slow in danburg, Sandown and to gmail tracts. We seen does And not the first buck. I hadn't caught one on camera all week. I was getting them every night checking does. Didn't hear a lot of shots either. Doubt that I'll even go this afternoon.
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Rut was great up until about mid week. Think they are on lockdown now, should pick back up soon. Did kill a really good nine Wed evening by himself. Most people I’ve talked to hunting Wilkes said it was a slow weekend.