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I'm fixing to drive this Semi to Reno Nevada.

I'm announcing the winners with out the scores , cause I'm fixing to get busy. :rofl:

The 1st place team was Team 5 Limb Hangers
Go Team 5 Limb Hangers

2nd Team 9. Throat Stompers.
They jumped out there quick.
It was like easy for them. :banana:

3rd Luck 13.
This team could of easily won. They played well together.

BkW won long beard. The judges felt she used the proper tape as instructed in the rules. Hoppies was the same there abouts.

Long spur: hrstille congrats
This was another tough call. hrstille won the vote.

High Score was jaymax. Not sure if he used a shotgun.
:huh: WTG.

My "Radom Draw"was team 3.

I contacted the teams for my donations to mail out the calls. They are 1st class. Thanks to "Chain Reaction "
I will do business with him again.

Winners and donators please get together and exchange info.
Winners thank them for there contribution

As a whole I think new life was added back to the challenge.

I enjoyed the work & want to thank the judges.
I also want to thank everyone that sign up and played.

I'm looking forward to next year. There will be a few minor changes. The judges will also step up the judging a notch. We where trying to get everyone use to the picture taking part. How to hold the tape and where.
*** new picture examples*** next year.

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I'm getting BkW to put some pics of the calls later today. She's working also.


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Those are nice , thanks Kmack and all the judges for all y'all done!


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Congratulations to all the winners.

2017 was another fun season (though I feel like a crack addict trying to get off the stuff).

Had 3 good friends get their first birds this year (2 of the 3 called their own birds in). That's pretty special.


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Thanks for putting on the contest kmac. Certainly hate seeing it come to an end. Next season will be just as fun.
This was a heart break year for me as I missed birds for the first time in my life. But you know what "I had a great time in the woods I met new people and making new friends". Thank you Kmac for all your hard work and I am looking forward to next year. Congratulations to the winners and thank you Lord for a great safe season.


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Thanks again guys and all who donated!! Always fun! Congrats to all winners!


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congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone involved in putting this together. looking forward to next season