Wintertime fly Trout

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I am going to take a road trip in a couple of weeks to the North Georgia Fly waters. I know there has been lots of rain. Should I focus on tail water? OR poke around some small water streams? I was going to begin my quest over near Toccoa and north on the Chattooga and tributaries. Then move west over the next two or three weeks.

Any advise or direction would be appreciated.

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Hi Whitetailer- I'm a fly fishing noob compared to most here, but happy to share. I was on Dukes Creek in Smithgall Woods today and the water is still very high. Smith Creek, also in Helen, was not as high, but a tough day to fish. Saturday before last the Toccoa was perfect, but now it is too high to wade by several factors. The Chattahoochee tail water below Buford Dam is rain fall immune with the release schedule, so that is an option regardless.

Toccoa tail water below Lake Blue Ridge is also an option if you rent a Kayak or bring something.

Hope that helps.
I would think the tailwaters are going to be your best bet. But everything around here is in flood stage right now.


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I was sitting here this morning debating trying to make a run up to a high stream on Saturday early but am as worried about the roads and trails as I am the streams being blown out too. The tail water may be high and muddy with the dam running a lot to let the lake back down (Buford is running 24/7 right now and Blue Ridge may be too) probably going to spend the day tying flies instead of fishing them I'm afraid. Good Luck out there.
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I have been dealing with flooding conditions om my Berrien County property. Right on the Alapaha River. Gauge is dead low at 209 and now is 221.37.
A tragic twelve feet increase. Soooo, I my wait a week or two before venturing up north.

Thanks all. Russ