Wish me luck please!!!

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I have finally decided to do something I have contemplated doing for many years, which is to get serious about hunting with my primitive bows and arrows. Ever since I was a kid finding arrowheads in Texas I have been fascinated by how they were made. That lead me eventually learn the processes from others and I started Knapping points which lead to learning how to harvest and straighten river-cane, making self bows, and more. So many to thank for helping me along the way.

I have been working on knaping points, cutting and grinding turkey feathers, and straightening river-cane this year primarily in preparation for bear hunting. Of course a pig, deer, or even a turkey next Spring would be nice also. In the pic's are 8 arrows out of about a dozen+ that fly very well out of the 66", 56#@28" Osage bow I made under the tutelage of Dan Speirs in 2010.
The points are hafted onto the shafts with sinew I have harvested from past deer kills over the years. About the only things in my setup that are not primitive are the B50 string and I used a real thin carpet thread for tying on the feathers. All the arrows spine out from 50 to 55# and weigh an average weight of 570 gr.s. The heads average about 150 grains each.

I don't have any pic's of arrow groups with these arrows because it's too risky. Too much work to risk ruining one so I only shoot a couple at a time.
I hope in the near future I have a few hero pic's to add to this journey so wish me luck. The tools will do their jobs if only I do mine. Thanks for reading!!


Looks like you're set to go! I have no doubt you'll be successful. Nice stuff!


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Looks like a lot of work in that setup. A labor of love I bet. Wishing you the opportunity to loose some of those arrows at game this fall.


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There you go Al. They are looking good. I am not sure you will need "Luck" to make it happen but if you do, I am sending it your way. Looking forward to your success. Shoot 'em straight!


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Very nice work. You will do this!