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I killed 2 squirrels in the pecan tree this evening and both still had wolves in them.
i guess i should have waited until it gets cold.

280 Man

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Nothing more than a bot fly larvae. They do not get into the muscle, just under the skin. But as NChillbilly said, they will not hurt you, nasty looking but harmless.
Just skin it you’ll be fine! If you don’t want wolves in them you gotta wait till after first frost.

Anvil Head

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LOL.....they would never eat alot of stuff if they could "see" what is actually in what they are eating !

Like grouper, AJ's, etc. - all fish have worms. Bigger the fish bigger the worms. They disappear when you cook them. Truth be told, microscopic inspection of your own body be just as gross. You have mites crawling around on your eyelids right now.


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We don't have many issues up here. Squirrel season doesn't open until mid-October, and we've already had several mornings in the 30s in the last week.

Doug B.

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They should be about done now. It's not so much the cold, but more the time. If the frost happens to be late, the wolves are gone anyhow. The squirrels I am seeing now has already gotten rid of the wolves. You might can see where they were, but the critter is gone. They only have around a month to get their thing done.