Wood Arrow Suppliers

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I currently use carbon arrows, but would like to give wood arrows a try. Eventually I would like to attempt to make my own wood arrows. However, due to time constraints, I would like to find a good supplier. I don't want anything fancy, just a good wood arrow made from a quality wood. Any suggestions on a supplier? Also, any suggestions on wood arrow spine?

50# Bear Kodiak Magnum
~28-29" draw length
Current arrow length is 31 inches (from tip to base excluding nock)
Plan to use Grizzly 185 grain broad-head


Todd Cook

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Paul at P&A carries the Surewood shafts and all the supplies. I don't know if he offers fletched wood arrows or not, but I know he's built them in the past for folks. Paul has contributed/ donated/ supported the TBG for several years now, and he's a very good guy.
He also can help you figure out what spine you need. I would guess 60-65 or 65-70, but you need to try before you buy.