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Hey guys. I am currently shooting 400 spine carbon arrows cut to 31" with 100 grain insert and 150 grain field points same as my hunting arrows. 45# bow at 63" with a 29.5" draw.
What kind of set up would I need if I went to a wood arrow? I don't really know much about spine but 3 rivers has a test kit for diff ones. What kind of broadhead weights do yall use for your hunting arrows?
Do you try and get a heavy FOC with outserts or just glue in and shoot? I am new but I realize I will have to tune the arrow. I just love the thought of fletching my own wooden arrows as I really love to shoot this bow and I have been bitten by the traditional bug. What do y'all suggest??


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Most people shoot anywhere from 125 to 200 grain glue on heads. I would look at surewood shafts and get one of there test kits and they can help you figure out which kits you will need. Just glue them on and hunt that worked for many years before anybody heard of FOC. If you put a arrow in the right place that is all that matters. For years folks just tuned a arrow to there bow not knowing the weight of there arrows or there FOC. Have fun and remember if you ain't having fun your doing it wrong!!

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You will need to tune the arrow and the bow. By that I mean you may have a dozen arrows that are perfect for your bow but don’t shoot very well. By changing brace height just a tad may make all the difference in the world. Nock height, serving thickness, type of string silencers all play a role in getting the best performance possible from your setup. Type of fletching can have a tremendous affect on your setup as well.