Woody's Cookbook. (send the linked PDF to Kinkos,print and done)

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Edited 4/25/2011.

Go here:

Download the PDF.
Log on to FedEx Kinkos.
Go to Online Printing. Look for Presentations, Booklets, Manuals.
Go to Print Online
Select manuals
Select Either Standard or Saver (I chose Saver. I'm cheap)

Kinko's will print it and bind it for you. Cost me $16.10 for my version. The updated version might be a little more. Standard might be fancier.

Upload the PDF. For me, it was printed inside of an hour and ready to go.
Don't bother with the PDFs attached to the post. They are older. Use the one on the link.

The original intention for the folks starting the project was to use any money earned as donations for youth hunting programs. If the "official" cookbook goes forward, cool. Do that. If not - print the linked PDF at Kinko's. Pay for the cookbook (no profit to anyone, just the cost of printing). If you want to - make a donation to any youth outdoors program you want to.

I've been reading the recipes and cookbook threads for a long time. Several of the recipes look really good, and I want to try them!

I copied down the recipes as raw text, formatted them and did some spell-checking. I have to do a LOT more formatting, editing and spell-checking, but frankly, my head hurts!

I also tagged each recipe to generate a table of contents. Then popped it to PDF. Looks like you can attach PDFs of up to 488K, and this one hits 449K, so it should work.

This is not a final copy. I want to finish formatting. I want to do more spell-checking (my spell-checker also got a headache). I may group the recipes (I also saved the Table of Contents as a spreadsheet so I could categorize the recipes).

I want to give acknowledgement to Handgunner for starting the threads, and to each of the folks that contributed. I am in no way highjacking a project. I just wanted a copy of the recipes in an easy format so I could have them available when I go camping and break out the Dutch Oven and cast iron skillet and grill.

I haven't tried printing the document, and have no idea how it would look (at some 130 pages or so, that's a bit much - I may trim it down). But if anyone wants the PDF, it is attached.

I'll attach updated versions as time permits, but probably will not go back to the recipe thread and add any new updates past (9/13/09).
Bruce (who really should be doing something else)

Note: do not download the PDF attached to this post. Download the PDF attached to post#26


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Can't figure out how to delete the original PDF before attaching a new one (added page numbers as a footer, and a title as a header).

Will hold off on posting the updated PDF until I get further along.


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Bruceg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You Are The Man!!!!!!!
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PDF updated. Fixed some more typos. Did some rudimentary editing. Got rid of a lot of line breaks so the document looks a little better. Started formatting the ingredients into two columns. Added a header (title) and a footer (page number).

Have a long way to go, but it's a little cleaner.

(Updated PDF on post 19. Do not download this one)


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No problem. Happy to do it. Still going through recipes and trying to format ingredients into two columns with a 1/10" space between them. Although I think I'll spend a little more time reading them and deciding which ones to try while camping this weekend!
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Updated PDF attached. Cleaned up recipes a bit more. Tried to fix upper/lower case on recipe titles.

Need to work on categories next. Here is what I am thinking, any suggestions/changes?
Categories: Meats, Fish, Deserts, Sides, Soups and Stews, Snacks and Appetizers, Miscellaneous

Updated PDF on post #26. Do not download this PDF.


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thank you for all of the hard work!