Woody's Cookbook. (send the linked PDF to Kinkos,print and done)

:cheers: A big huge thanks for the hard work. I do think with a more organized table of contents like you mentioned a few post above, it will be a great cookbook combination. I think I gained about 5 pounds just reading the titles.

Also a huge thanks to all the contributors.:yeah:
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Latest version in PDF

Categorized (still have some more work to do there). Limited the Table of Contents. Added an Index.

Tried adding a black and white picture, but overran the max upload size of 488.3KB. Will try to resize the pic to get it down to 488K.

(Darn, can't get it down to 488K with a PIC on the title page.)



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Ya done real good Bruceg. Thanks!
I hate to wonder this, particularly after all the work Bruce has done, BUT:
You know how all these good church ladies and bridge clubs publish recipe books...I wonder....
Could this effort of Bruce's be something we could use for a "good cause" profit...like SEEDs or Sportsman's Rights issues to fund lobbying efforts, or the "Old Fisherman's Home."
Just a thought...Sorry, Bruce.
(This is what happens when you retire, and have too much time on your hands.)
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I hesitate to go there, as so much work and effort went into the Woody's Cookbook project. <snip>
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I messed around and printed it out. Here are some pics of what it looks like with a cover and ink and paper and all that cool stuff.


What I learned from this. Using an inkjet printer is expensive. It eats ink at a fast rate. A good quality laser printer would be the ticket. Preferably duplex! Inkjets can smudge when wet. Laserjets don't smudge.

20 weight paper is okay. I might consider 24 weight for a better feel and something that lasts longer. The cardstock for the cover came out okay. Maybe a little heavier, but it was okay.

Manually folding the paper took a little time, then popping them together to form a book left the edges of the inner pages sticking out further than the edges of the first several pages. And even though I used a heavy duty stapler - stapling is not the way to go for something this size.

If I were to do it again, I would use a laser printer. 24 weight paper. A good quality paper cutter. Then build a small book press to hold it together while gluing up the binding. I saw some cool ones while researching, and will probably go that route. Time to get out the miter box, saw and all that coolness.

Also, I chose a 10 point font, but in going 2 pages per side, 4 pages per sheet - I reduced the size. Makes it kind of hard to read. I need to figure that out.

On the other hand, I now have something to toss in my camping box next to my pots, pans and dutch oven. And that was the point!
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I saw that somebody had sent a copy of my PDF over to Kinko's for printing in a different thread. Good idea! My old computer went down (er, it got dropped and the hard disk was messed up big time!). I had an older version in XML format on a USB disk, but the most recent version (at least a year old) - is toast.

So - I took the old copy. Added a cover page. Applied a Creative Commons copyright (to editing and formatting only, not to contents). Went to FedEx Kinkos online printing. Selected Presentations, Manuals, Booklets. Then selected Saver.

Sixteen dollars and ten cents, and literally just one hour later - I had a book. I'll work on a little more editing to see if I can recover the most recent version of the file - as there is at least 40 hours of editing work between the old one I printed and the most recent version attached to this thread. And I don't want to go through that effort again.

But it looks like you can have your own Woody's Cookbook for $16.10 by taking my PDF and going to an online printing place (like Kinkos). If you go fancy, you can get nicer binding and a nicer cover page. Don't think going fancy costs all that much more.

(off looking for a PDF editor to recover the original. Fingers crossed)

The cookbook is just the old PDF attached to this thread. It does not incorporate newer recipes. And there are probably a few I would remove and replace with others, but I'm calling it version one and done.

Got a copy on my kitchen table. Got a cover. Got plastic binding. Will take a pic of it at some point.
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I was able to recover the most recent version. I imported the PDF using Open Office 3.0 with PDF Converter. Got the cover page back on. Exported the edited version as PDF.

So - we have a print-ready copy in PDF format. The file is too big to attach to this post (640K). I updated the first post in this thread with a link to the online PDF at Google Docs. Use that for your print version.
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Thanks! I did two copies at Kinkos. First was saver. Then I wandered in and got one done with spiral binding and the first page in color (all the rest in black and white). I liked the one with spiral binding and a coor first page. It came out to 18 bucks.

Wish I hadn't lost the word processing document, as I'd like to do more editing and put in more recent recipes - but I could only recover the PDF after my notebook crashed.

Anyway, thanks.