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had a friend invite me to fish a lake waaaaaayyy out in the country this morning and i jumped at the chance to put my little kaynoe in the water. when i set the hook into this fish i new i had a good one but was not sure how good. she stayed deep and after getting her away from the bank i just decided to let her tow me a bit instead of horsing her in. i was just using 8 lb test so i had to be a bit careful. she pulled my little boat for a nice trip !!! i got her in and paddled over to my friends and they used my camera for the pic. if she would have had eggs she would have been a solid 8 pounder. we had a great morning in the drizzle and put a mess of eating size bass in the boats with trick worms but this one and another big one caught by my friend were released to fight another day .


That's a Big Ol Bas F1. Great Pic. Sorry we lost connection on the phone today, must of been
cause you was way out in the country:bounce:

Cletus T.

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Great looking bass right there......and Man O Man...that pond looks down right fishy!! I'm loving that little grassy hump behind you as well as the timber and the water color...and everything about it!!

That is one good looking fishing hole.....plus....you said it was way back in the sticks.....I love places like that!!

Congrats and thanks for sharing!!!


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Nice fish. You need to come go to the river with me some time.
Outstanding pic and BASS FO!!!

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PLUS.....you got your name on your boat too.......that's pretty awesome!!!!
:bounce::bounce::bounce: thanks cletus . i decided to add that to the little kaynoe a couple of weeks ago. if any body sees me on the water , swing on by and say howdy !!!