Wool Hunting Clothes

Real wool surplus USMC sweaters are worth their weight in gold,
if you can find one......light, and comfy and keeps you warm even
when wet....
Great 2nd layer for extreme cold days or top layer for cool days, with poly-pro base ....


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I like Kuiu, First Lite, and Core4Element merino baselayers but the wool outer layers are far too heavy for their performance compared to synthetics. Online is the only way to fly.


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I have a bunch of First Lite merino gear. It's holding up well.
Check out online Sitka, Kuiu, Grey Wolf, Core4Element, First Lite.

Best thing I ever did was get rid of my synthetics, go to wool and wear a windproof shell.
So it's wool for base layers and synthetics for outer layers. Synthetics such as? What about down outer layers, if it don't rain? Silk under layers?
Places to buy online?
I've got some L.L. Bean wool that's 40 years old, ad in good shape. I've got one pair of wool pants that's scary rugged. I especially like the lined wool shirt-jaks.

Oe good thing about Bean is that they carry large sizes.


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I love wool. It cuts the wind and repels moisture. I wear it over polypro long johns and top it off with a Goretex jacket. One thing I'm never without now is a polypro balaclava.
Not really hunting related but I saw a Cashmere sweater today that was 100% acrylic. Which would mean not only did it not contain Cashmere wool, it didn't even contain wool.

In the United States, under the U.S. Wool Products Labeling Act of 1939, as amended, (15 Uction 68b(a)(6)), states that a wool or textile product may not be labeled as containing cashmere unless:

such wool product is the fine (dehaired) undercoat fibers produced by a cashmere goat (Capra hircus laniger);
the average diameter of the fiber of such wool product does not exceed 19 microns; and
such wool product does not contain more than 3 percent (by weight) of cashmere fibers with average diameters that exceed 30 microns.
The average fiber diameter may be subject to a coefficient of variation around the mean that shall not exceed 24 percent.[1]
My 2cents worth is the two top brands would be king of the mountain and sleeping indian designs. Sadly sleeping indain designs went out of business.

Another good brand would be Johnson Woolens out of Vermont. A pair of pants like those people wear up north will run about $180 but worth every penny on those really cold days.
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Keep an eye out in sportsmans guide for the surplus wool pants from Europe. You can get them for about $10 and they are very good. I've had a pair for 20 years and they look almost new. Only downside is they don't have any pockets on the legs like BDU's do, as they are dress pants.


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Got Columbia pants and Parka,very warm also a pair of wool overalls.Recently got some wool leggings at SPG 2 pair for $15 and they are great.
When Jos A Banks puts their lambswool sweaters on sale, I buy my hunting sweaters (brown or dark green - either round neck or half zip).

$125+ sweaters go on sale for $36.

This year's really good sale was a month or two ago. I look for it every year.

I also have a Browning lined wool sweater. It's almost too hot to wear except in the coldest south Georgia weather (also cost a lot more than I pay for the Jos Banks sweaters).
Sierra trading post online has good deals on lots of different hunting clothes.
I bought some Browning full curl wool camo bibbs and a matching wool parka with down zip out liner for bout 50% retail. Maybe more. They still have them online for sale.
Sign up for emails and they will send you deals every couple of days. Put the things you want into your cart then you can check the prices with every new email and buy when the deal is best.
You can save some serious money with Sierra Trading post.
Beagle brand. or Johnsons mill out of Vermont, or for less expensive, columbia from Cabelas, not 100% wool but good enough for the SE. and a good bargain.