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What I want someone to explain to me is how you guys earn a living and post on Woody's all day long? I'm retired, have been on here over an hour, and I've got to go clear some food plots on 500 acres in Terrell County hoping some "big money guy" will come along and buy it for more than I've sunk into it. Have fun! ::gone:


P.S. I'll read your explanations when I get home tonight!


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As a dispatcher with a computer,

somedays I can and some I cannot. If I get a lot of calls, I have a hard time keeping up. I realize that it may often appear I am not responding to a particular post when in actuality, I have become so involved with duty I can't.

Just taking advantage of quiet opportunites.

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I can only post at night, on my two days off each week, or when I'm sitting at home on meds. (like now) They won't give us internet access for our car computers. I can't imagine why! ::huh:


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I work from home and have two computers, one for business and one for personal use. I just leave Woody's up most of the time and switch back and forwards on the two computers.

Works great so far, though I probably need to work more and play less...:D

I'd probably make more money that way...:bounce:
It's winter slow time of year so what better way to make the time go by I just get on when im in and out fixin to go now and run some arins and get the truck washed .


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What is this "work" to which you refer? :D

Most of the big-time posters on Woody's have sacrificed their personal lives in order to achieve their post ability status. It is a sacrifice that requires much discipline and self-control--sort of like a monk or Zen Buddhist would do to achieve enlightenment. HT2 is considered the Dali Lamma around these parts! :) ::ke:


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I don't "elmo" either Jim

I use to "elmo" but just sit around a computer now ::ke:



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Holy Cow!! I didn't even realize that the censor was missing that particular 4 letter word!!! You mods better get busy and fix that nonsense.