Working from grace, a journey worth it

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We've been tricked. We all to some extent somehow got the impression that "Believing is Doing." It isn't. Doing follows. Doing is a fruit of believing. Don't get your cart before your horse.

Some of us actually think that "God helps those who help themselves," is a Holy Scripture. It isn't. Faithfulness is a result of faith in Christ. It is one of many things that Jesus does in us as He lives through us.

The word "believe" is a deep well. Study it, get below the surface, let Jesus teach you trust, dependence, brokenness, reliance, submission, yielding, consenting, allowing, permitting. He is The Vine. You aren't. You are a branch. Your whole purpose is fulfilled in "hanging out with Jesus" (John15v4-5). That's where the fruit comes from. You are a "Bearer Only."

Oh, He has much to do through you. The Grace Walk is not passive or lazy. But your "striving" is all between your ears (Heb4v9-11). Be Mary, not Martha. News flash: It is a choice. If you choose the Mary way, the way the Gospel of Grace really works, it will not be taken from you! Sure, some will try to take it away from you. But once you choose the Grace way, like Mary did, you own it and it owns you!

- from the encourager Dan Camp