Working on creek fish this morning w/vid

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I got out this morning at 6am and headed for the main lake. I was greeted by a hefty chop at the mouth of the creek and decided it was just a little too windy for humps this morning:cry: I decided to just spend a couple hours in the creek and hit a couple points before heading back to the house. I spent about 2 hours in the creek before boredom set in from all the small fish. Plus I forgot my net and I hate handling these wirey little fish without it with these topwater baits. I still have nightmares of getting stuck good by a treble again.....and again. There was a noticeable difference in the size of the fish in the creek compared to the size out on the humps. This morning I used 2 topwater baits, the hump buster and the sexy dawg. The smaller profile of the hump buster did the trick this morning, but with the smaller profile came the smaller fish. I did a little videoing this morning. Like to see it? Here it
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Cletus T.

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Nice work......see you in the morning where we're gonna hit those humps!!!!

Lanier Jim

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He just has a really quite voice :) Those little guys are still fun to catch...they need some love too!