Worst day hunting?


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I was hunting the home place sometime back in the early 90`s and had taken a week off from work. It was the middle of the week, no one knew exactly where I was hunting, and I was walking out of the river swamp in the black dark. I tripped and as I fell, I cradled my rifle with both hands across my belly rather than try to catch myself. This oak stob, chewed off by a beaver, center punched me right in the middle of my chest. The only things that saved me were my heavy coat and the leather strap on my possibles bag that the stob hit. Even then it knocked the breath out of me, and it took a minute or two after that to make sure it hadn`t gone into my lungs. I carried a fine bruise for a while.
That rattled my cage badly.

I often wonder how long a blood trail I would have made before I bled out if it had.

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Aw man I am so sorry to hear! I was hunting with my husband last year when I got the news that my grandmother had passed from dementia.. It's never easy to lose a loved one, even more when it's unexpected but I am sure he will always be with you in those woods! Being out there will only bring you closer spiritually with him and I am sure he is proud of you. If you have or decide to have any kids, take them out there and tell them the most memorable times you had there with your dad and they will appreciate it more than you think!
Got one on the way due April 5th!!
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Got one on the way due April 5th!!
Awesome!! Congratulations!! I myself have one on the way! I should be 8 weeks by now so it's still very early but Lord willing we will have another baby around May! My daughter will be 3 in April. They're such a blessing!