Would anyone be interested in a "Woody's Cookbook"?

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I'm not sure what the title would be, "Recipes from the Campfire" or something along that line, but here is my idea.

I'm wanting to compile a lot of favorite recipes and organize them into a book, and sell them for what they cost me.

My aunt done this with the local church... in hopes of raising money for a family. I'll be doing this at cost, or a buck or two higher to cover my troubles of compiling, shipping, etc...

What we'd do is, put all the recipes into one thread. You'd need to type them out, neat as possible, so that I could copy them into a text format and print them out, and then mail them to the cook book company so they can put them into a book.

Sections would include something to the effect of "Main Course", "Wild Game", "Stews/Soups", "Side Dishes", "Desserts" and "Miscellaneous"... for like appetizers, etc...

I need to know how many people are open for such before I send off for the info, price, format it needs to be in, etc...

I'm not sure what the cookbooks would go for, but the ones my aunt done for the church were $25 and there are a ton of down home recipes in there and it's neatly done, in a hardback, bound book, that's easy to read.

Let me know, and if we have enough responses, we'll go for it, if not... :huh:

Also, add any ideas you have to help out, I'm open to suggestions. I just thought it would be neat to have a good "go to" guide for all the recipes on this forum.
I can only make deerburger helper

So y'all might not need recipes from me,but I would buy a book like that......

BTW this is an example of using your mod power for good instead of evil.........:bounce:
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Now have you ever known me to use my mod power for evil???

Nevermind, don't answer that.. :D


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Go ahead and put my name on one Delton. I`ll furnish a recipe or two as well if you want em.
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We'll see how many are interested, and then start a thread on "Add the recipe you want to share" type thread, so that we can keep them all in order and in one place.
Ive already got a recipe in the outdoor cooking .Ill post some more ltr count me in.Have a lot of oldies but simple recipes
stev said:
Ive already got a recipe in the outdoor cooking .Ill post some more ltr count me in.Have a lot of oldies but simple recipes
I've never had yer cookin' stev, but from tips and what you describe, you can count me in on the book if your recipies are there :).

I'll also get some fav fish recipies ready to go.

Hey Delt, how 'bout considering each entry have a pic of the recipie author... then folks like me who haven't seen all but one Woody's member in person would know what yer mugs look like :hair: . Those that don't want to (Darcy :D) or shouldn't (NGMM... scary! :D :D) can hold back :huh:

just my 2c

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Thing with that, Striper, would be that it would up the cost of the book. I was going to try and keep this simple, and cheap for everyone to get if they wanted one.

Good idea though, we'll see what everyone else thinks, but until then, check this out, to put some mugshots to handles.. :D :bounce:

Sounds like a plan

(I always enjoy a tour thru the albums, thanks Delt :) )
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Each recipe will be credited to it's contributor as well. I meant to mention that earlier.
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Sounds good y'all. We'll see how many responses we get within the next week or two. Hopefully it'll be a go...
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Researcher31726 said:
I, also, know how the cookbook could get some free advertising, if you wanted to make it available to non-Woodyites! :biggrin2:
If we don't have enough interest here we may try that route.

Thing is, the company wants the money up front, so someone has to eat the cost until the books sell. :huh:

Anyone want to volunteer for that? :rofl:


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Darcy said:
Thats a great idea! I know I could throw in a couple recipes....!!!

Uh ? Darcy ?? I've seen those pics of you on that four wheeler , No mud pie recipes :bounce:


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count me delton, i have a few recipes and would buy a copy or two of the book.....


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count me in !